End of life announcement: Coldmail.nu will be sunsetting our email service during late 2018 and as a result it is no longer possible to sign up for an account. Existing users can continue to use their email account normally until early 2019 and should look for further announcements.

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The Worlds' Newest Free Email Service




Here's what you get when you join up with Coldmail.nu:

  • Check your email easily from any internet connection on Earth!
  • Rich Text editor allows you to use fonts and colours, smilies and images in your emails!
  • Broad range of usernames @coldmail.nu
  • New 2GB mailbox Upgradable to 5GB with the ability to send and receive attachments upto 25MB depending on your package
  • Sync with mobile. Full access from your mobile device
  • Access other POP3 accounts from your Coldmail.nu interface
  • Anti-virus filter
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP access and spam filters
  • A plethora of other features - too many to list here.

Here's what you don't get with Coldmail.nu:

  • Intrusive number of advertisements whilst browsing.
  • Easy access for hackers and spammers with a vast array of security loopholes.

Whether you are a power user or beginner you simply don't deserve a poor quality email service. We want you to be able to count on Coldmail.nu - whether it will be your primary or an additional email account.

Give us a go!

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